Lirik Lagu-lagu dari Stregoica Band

Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu dari lagu-lagu Stregoica. Stregoica merupakn Band yang beraliran Hard Core asal Jember, Jawa Timur dan beranggotakan personil cewek semua. Uniknya salah satunya memakai jilbab. Bagi yang suka dengan lagu-lagu stregoica, berikut kita coba berbagi lirik lagu dari band Stregoica ini. Untuk Profil ban d Stregoica lengkap bisa dilihat di : Profil Stregoica Hard Core.

lirik lagu Stregoica hard core

Lirik Lagu  Stregoica Band

"Lifeless Hell"

In the dark, I'm still in
Think about everything
All the world never know
All my pain, bloody damn!!
This is the fate, only pain still remain
This is the fate, only pain still remain


 I dont care, you judge me
Dirty sluth, You cant help yourself!
Just stay dont go

You need it more, I want you to die
Fire burns your heart
Lokk at me a while
Bloodshed on your eyes wont stop to flow

So let it falls
I, I wont be the one you want to curse
So let me go

Stregoica band hard core

"Tortured Gate"

 Hey people
Listen to me
You'd better
Heed my words

You shut up
You quiet

Hold on tight
Let's go fight
Let me on my way
Hiding tortured gate
I'll be on my way
Finding tortured gate

" Hidden Grudge "

I have walked this way a thousand times
But you never understand
Then I tried to warn you in time
When you failed and fell down
 I just feel like a bitch when I'm begging you

I hate your stupid mind as you refusing me
When will you open your eyes?
to see how I'm needing you

Then your sins will crush you down
I found my freedom and let you cry
to hide My Grudge

 Do you remember the pain you gave me?
Then I cried and you still ignored me
But this grudge will never let you go
You have to run away,..yeahhh

" I'm Like a Whore "

I know I'm a liar
I know I'm stupid
When I'm asking you
It is a bullshit thing
I'm like a whore when I dont know my self, yeah yeah..
A little bitch dispose my mind ‘bout you
I cant stop my way, always hypnotize me
The truth never comes, Leaving then leaving me
 I’m like a whore when I don’t know my life, yeah yeah
Clamorous serve me damn and cloudy eyes

      I’m like a whore
      Bring me down
      I’m like a whore
      Stop judge me!

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